Carpet cleaning

Using state of the art, high performance portable carpet cleaning equipment to clean your carpets

  • From Large office spaces
  • To Small Dining Rooms
  • Having your carpets cleaned on a regular basis will not only keep your house looking radiant but it will also prolong the life of your carpets. Carpets can be a major investment and cleaned for a fraction of the price of replacing.
  • I always conduct a pre clean survey and test your carpet before undertaking any cleaning:
  • Your carpet must be left at the correct ph level post clean to ensure there is no rapid resoiling or permanent damage to your carpets and testing before and after cleaning makes this possible.
  • It is important to use products specifc to your carpet, only a fully trained technician can choose the correct combination and clean to the highest possible standard. There is no single one product cleans all and it is important to use the correct products and procedure.

If any furniture is to be replaced on wet carpets then I place either foam blocks or foil tabs to ensure no staining or marks from wooden furniture occurs, these are to be removed when the carpet is dry, If you cannot manage this give me a call and I will happily call back and remove them for you

All standard carpet cleans benefit from my 6 point cleaning service:

  1. Free survey, carpet fibre check and spot/stain inspection
  2. Pre Vac
  3. Pre spray ( specially selected to suit your carpet and soil levels) which is then aggitated into your carpet and left to dwell.
  4. Hot Water Extraction (using the most sophisticated portable machinery on the market) and any remaining stains or marks are worked on
  5. Carpet Groom and presentation procedure
  6. Full Deodorisation treatment

I will then ask you to give it a final look over to ensure you are 100% happy with my work

Offering numerous types of clean including:

  • Hot water extraction
  • Dry powder cleaning
  • ECO FRIENDLY cleaning

Call today for further information on any of our cleaning techniques: 07805129559 01904 766994

Our services cover:

  • Carpet cleaning in York 
  • Upholstery cleaning in York 
  • Commercial carpet cleaning in York 
  • Industrial carpet cleaning in York 
  • Carpets Stain removal in York